Why Jay On 'UnREAL' Is So Important To LGBTQ Representation, According To Star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman


But in interviews like this one, he notes, he gets to express his own passions and beliefs. "I can voice what I feel is important and the changes I think need to be made within the industry in regards to representation of the LGBTQ community and otherness in general," Bowyer-Chapman says. In fact, he's launching his first podcast, "JBC Presents: Conversations with Others," which has been a goal of his from the very beginning of his career.

"I get to highlight and celebrate the stories of celebrities who fall under the umbrella of otherness, people who walk in the LGBTQ community openly, people of color, women in badass positions of power," he says. "That's been the biggest blessing and the biggest impact from playing a queer character like Jay."


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Alex Aldea